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The National Strategy to End Teenage Pregnancy & Child Marriage

Nearly 1 in every 2 girls in Uganda is married before the age of 18.


In Uganda, child marriage is often a result of poverty. Many parents marry their daughters in the hope of securing their financial security. Bride price can also a motivation for parents: a younger bride means a higher bride price for the family.

Limited access to education for girls and traditional and social norms which dictate that girls are married at a young age in order to fulfil their role as a wife and mother, play a role too.

In addition, displaced population living in refugee camps often feel unable to protect their daughters from rape. Marrying them off to a warlord or other authority figure is seen as a form of protection.


The minimum age of marriage in Uganda is 18 for both girls and boys, but a girl can marry at 16 with parental consent.


On the 16th of June 2015 The Government of Uganda launched its first ever National Strategy to end Child Marriage and Teenage Pregnancy, which was developed in partnership with civil society organisations, including Girls Not Bridesmembers in Uganda, and UN agencies.

The strategy is a five-year plan which aims to create a society free from child marriage and teenage pregnancy.

The National Strategy Strategy Against Child Marriage & Teenage Pregnancy (2014/2015 – 2019/2020) aims at  A society free from child marriage and teenage pregnancy

Please note that this article has been made possible by Girls Not Brides

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